Bioresonance is a modern diagnostic and therapeutic process.  The principles of bioresonance are based on the latest findings in quantum physics on the properties of living tissue and the onset of illness and disease. This method directly affects the very nature of an illness or disease at a level where bioresonance can effectively support the defense and regenerative processes of the body.
Bioresonance has extensive diagnostic capabilities and is capable of detecting an illness or disease prior to its external manifestation, can determine how much the body is burdened by various toxins and diagnose viral, bacterial, fungal and other parasitic infections.

We perform tests using the Metatron Clinical - NLS diagnostics bioresonance device in our clinic.
An examination of this type is non-invasive and totally painless. NLS diagnostics allows you to monitor the physical condition of the body through changes in the wave characteristics of body tissues.

The operation principle of the METATRON device:

The device is capable of automatically, without human intervention, tuning the frequency of the control impulses and correcting defects and pathologies in organs and body cells. The examination is performed by placing sensors in the shape of headphones at the temples of the head. The diagnosis can, in a successful and timely manner, reveal not only the beginning stages of cancer, but also cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, nervous, and musculoskeletal ailments and other health problems. Examinations can also answer the question of whether one is in danger of such health issues as myocardial attacks, stroke, asthma, disorders of the endocrine glands and many others from a wide range of diseases.

The main advantages of NLS diagnostics:

Timeliness - the principle of the method is very sensitive to the dynamics of pathological changes and thus can detect a tendency to an illness or disease at an early stage , when they are not yet apparent at tissue level.
Speed - a basic examination takes 20 to 40 minutes
Sensitivity - according to the type of organ or system, the sensitivity is between 70 and 80%
Non-invasive - the procedure requires almost no contact with the body. Sensors in the shape of headphones are attached to the temple area of the head in order to scan the body and the transfer of information and feedback about the organism, tissue and cells is totally harmless.

Length: 60 min.
Price: 8.100,- CZK



In case of cancellation of already ordered treatment services, or early termination of treatment services already planned, you will be charged the following cancellation fees:

1. cancellation fee of 10% of the unrealized treatment services, if the order is canceled 7 to 3 days prior to the planned date of your first entry in writing;

2. cancellation fee of 100% of the first day of unrealized treatment services and 10% of the unrealized other therapeutic services, where the order canceled 3-1 days before the date of entry in writing;

3. cancellation fee of 100% of the unrealized treatment services, if the order is canceled in writing on the day the client, or if it is not canceled in writing at all;

4. cancellation fee of 100% of the unrealized treatment in case of early termination of already initiated and the running treatment services.

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