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Beauty salon

Ericson Laboratoire - Exclusive French Cosmetics

Ericson Laboratoire provides a comprehensive solution to many cosmetic issues and allows us to create individual programs for each client. All cosmetic lines also offer products for home care that support the effect of professional treatments. Ericson Laboratoire products are manufactured in 8 specialized French laboratories. All Ericson Laboratoire products are under strict control by an International Testing Laboratory, they have safety certificates, non-irritant effects, and their effectiveness is regularly evaluated.

Come to try it yourself at the Magic Charm beauty lounge, where we will provide you with cell therapy performed by professional staff. Salon staff approaches each client at a highly professional level and recommends appropriate treatments. Treatments with Ericson Laboratoire work wonders; the skin regains its youthful appearance and flexibility, slows the aging of the skin and minimizes its imperfections. Cosmetics do not contain chemical preservatives, dyes and fragrances, so they can really be recommended to everyone.

Ericson Laboratoire - Innovative and Professional

The first scientist, who used the cell therapy method in France, was Professor Ericson. This method has its roots in Switzerland and is based on the use of cellular extracts. This use, this clinical approach becomes the concept of Beauty Therapy by Ericson Laboratoire.

Ericson Laboratoire uses the latest discoveries in science. By using active ingredients of phytobiological, biotechnical and marine origin, treatment with the French Ericson Laboratoire products becomes very exceptional and characteristic. This beauty therapy offers a non-surgical method of skin and body care with obvious and long-lasting results.


Aesthetic Medicine

Each person has something beautiful in him or her and we each see true beauty in something else. Aesthetic medicine is a reliable partner on the path to outer beauty. Aesthetic medicine helps us take care of our body and improve it so that it remains healthy and beautiful for a long time. Modern technology offers interventions that result in a significant contribution to mental well-being, a sense of better social life and partnership experience.

With age, one does not have to lose the desire to be beautiful; on the contrary, thanks to aesthetic medicine, a new lifestyle is possible. Visit the Carlsbad Clinic and let your beauty flaw disappear. After all, every one of us wants to be as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Aesthetic Medicine Consultation

Personal consultation with a physician is very important before a planned surgery. The type of operation should be assessed and the extent of the procedure recommended, meeting the client's response to the outcome of the operation as well as taking into account the medical risks and operational burden associated with it.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we provide our clients with a pleasant, discreet, personal service and especially a high quality of the provided services.

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