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Special offer Long stay -10 %

Special offer "Long stay" -10 %

Are you planning your treatment stay and want to save significantly? Then take advantage of the special offer Long stay. Book a luxury spa treatment at the Medical Spa Gallery or a private treatment at the Medical Spa Suite for a minimum of 15 nights and you immediately get 10 % discount on your entire stay. You can choose from two treatment options:

Spa treatment / Private treatment "Long stay" -10 %

Take advantage of the healing power of Karlovy Vary's natural resources and choose traditional spa care in the harmonious environment of the Medical Spa Gallery. The spa treatment package, which includes 18 treatments per week, is suitable not only for the treatment of already identified health problems, but also as an effective prevention of their occurrence.

Or treat yourself to the maximum individual approach during your treatment, thanks to the unique concept of the private Medical Spa Suites, combining traditional practices with modern trends in spa treatment. Within this package, one of the unique Medical Spa Suites is available to you 5x a week for 2.5 hours, under the supervision of our professional team, while maintaining your complete privacy.

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Intensive Treatment "Long stay" -10 %

Maximize your experience, treatment effect and enjoy professional spa care, including even more treatments, thanks to the INTENSIVE treatment package. This package includes 24 treatments per week (as opposed to the classic spa package with 18 treatments) in the balneology center of the Medical Spa Gallery, or 2.5 hours of private treatment 5x a week in the maximum privacy of unique Medical Spa Suites.

Under the supervision of our medical team you can draw from an extended list of treatments, including the following: 4-chamber bath, instrumental lymph drainage, vacuum-compression therapy, Therapy Master, individual exercise, anti-stress massage, aroma massage, Cleopatra bath, or peat bath. In addition, the package also includes 10 entries to the unique full body cryotherapy.

** Intensive Treatment "Long stay" -10 % BOOK HERE ** 

Are you hesitating whether your chosen package meets all your wishes and needs? Seek advice in our clear COMPARISON OF ACCOMMODATION AND MEDICAL PACKAGES


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Choose one of the advantageous packages or special offers for the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, of which the Carlsbad Clinic is an integral part. In addition only on our official website with a guarantee of the lowest price, the widest selection, special bonuses and the possibility of obtaining a membership in our VIP Prestige Club.


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