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Peat Pulp Bath

Peat Pulp Bath in a Cave

Experience the healing effect of peat in an exceptional natural cave environment! Peat pulp baths are known for their unique healing effects since ancient Greece and Rome. Intensive study of the biochemical properties of peat, which proved to be clearly positive in balneology, already began in the second half of the last century. Peat consists of a group of substances that are a natural product of the earth environment. They have emerged through the biological transformation of organic materials for approximately 8,000 years. Medicinal herbs, grasses and flowering plants have been transformed into botanical material over time, which are now used for peat pulp baths.

Do you have pain in your joints or spine? Do you have problems with skin disease, cellulite, and classic healing does not help? Peat pulp baths are here for you! Several procedures will help you get rid of these troubles! For more information, contact your doctor who will advise you on the optimal treatment plan after consultation.

Positive Effects of Peat Pulp Baths

The bath with an admixture of peat combines the beneficial effect of warm water and in peat contained organic substances. Thanks to this combination, the long-lasting thermal effect of the bath, which leads to the relaxation of muscle and joint tension, blood circulation, total relaxation and a pleasant feeling of contact with natural healing sources, is guaranteed. Your joints and spine will appreciate the perfect warmth in a hot bath with natural peat. The bath primarily affects the degenerative diseases of the joints and the spine.

The peat pulp bath has a beneficial effect on people suffering from chronic disease of the joints and spine of a degenerative character or persons overloaded with stress or excessive muscle tension.

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