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Reconditioning Tables Shapemaster

Shapemaster - a set of 8 reconditioning tables - is a trainer for "passive" exercises with electronic control. Special isometric exercises (strengthening and relaxing muscles) are performed on each table to strengthen specific muscles. Ten gears make it possible to combine passive exercise with muscle contractions with different durations. The training program is based on the age and health of the client. Exercising on these tables eliminates unnecessary and harmful burden to the spine, the heart and the vascular system. This exercise is comparable to swimming, where water carries the weight of the body. The devices can be used both for rehabilitation and for overall improvement of the current condition.

The Carlsbad Clinic offers exercise sessions on this very effective set of 8 reconditioning tables. For the best results, the recommended exercise intensity is 60 minutes, 3 times a week.

Positive Effects of the Reconditioning Tables Shapemaster

Exercise on the Shapamaster reconditioning tables shapes, strengthens and firms the figure, balances muscle disbalances, improves body posture, regulates blood circulation, massages the back, relieves stress and tension, improves the blood and lymphatic system. Exercise is suitable for clients of all ages, including clients with health problems, after injuries or car accidents, overweight or obesity.

The exercise takes place as a circuit training - a total of 8 reconditioning tables, where each of them effectively employs a certain group of muscles. Gradually moving from one table to the next, all of the body’s muscles are trained and weight loss is achieved - volume decreases especially in problem areas such as waist, thighs, hips, buttocks, etc.

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