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Guinot – Exclusive and Revolutionary Methods in Skin Care

The company Guinot cares for more than 40 years about maintaining female youth and beauty and therefore continues to develop its exclusive and revolutionary skin care methods. Guinot offers lovers of high quality and fast results only the best. The brand has extensive experience in working with cosmetic institutes and works with highly qualified cosmetologists who, with their unique knowledge and practical experience, with the use of Guinot cosmetics, operate in the world of beauty.

Guinot is the world leader in professional skin care, due in particular to the team of experts from the Guinot Research and Development Center in Paris and their work on progress and innovation. This team of professionals is constantly working on the research and development of new active ingredients that are able to penetrate the skin as deeply as possible and contribute as effectively as possible to revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin.

Each product undergoes clinical efficacy and risk tests for its perfect safety. Production processes are identical to those used in the pharmaceutical industry. All Guinot products are free of parabens, GMOs and are not tested on animals.


Guinot – Cosmetics Made to Measure

Revolutionary change in the cosmetic industry has become an entirely new approach by Guinot itself on how to select, use and sell cosmetic products. In medicine, the foundation of health is prevention, and for the skin that is constantly exposed to a number of negative effects, this is twice as important. It is natural that after a thorough diagnosis, the doctor prescribes treatment according to the patient's needs so that they are most effective.

As Guinot products have the properties of pharmaceutical products, they tend to a similar approach as prescription cosmetics when choosing products. It is based on the belief that only cosmetic product that suit the individual needs of the client's skin can be suitable and effective for the client. Professional selection tailored to the skin is the reason why Guinot products are only officially available in cosmetic salons and cannot be bought in drugstores or pharmacies.

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