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Kanebo Sensai

Kanebo Sensai - First Class Japanese Cosmetics

You can try the stunning Kanebo Sensai cosmetics at the Beauty Lounge Magic Charm. The most suitable line for your skin will be chosen from a wide range of skin care and decorative cosmetics, to highlight and restore the natural freshness and grace of your skin or mask any flaws.

Kanebo Laboratories produce their cosmetics on the basis of complex dermatological research, achieving the highest quality that can be achieved in this field, so that the resulting products are as cost-effective and effective as possible and tailored to their users. Effective skin care and counseling are carefully designed for individual skin problems and adapted to ever-changing global trends.

Charm Hidden in Silk

The company Kanebo was founded more than a century ago, in 1887 and originally traded in cotton. Over time, however, it has focused on the natural beauty of silk and the refinement of cosmetic products based on precious and valued Koishimaru silk and on how to highlight and maintain its purity and softness.

Beauty is more than just an external appearance; it is a reflection of our self-confidence, our courage, our spirit and ourselves. Silk is in some way a skin for the skin, it responds positively to problems of all kinds, solves and eliminates skin problems. This gives our beauty the energy to deal with the negatives of the environment affecting our skin.



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