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Classic Massage – One of the Pillars of Traditional Czech Spa Care

Classic massage is one of the pillars of traditional Czech spa care. Classic massages have effects both local (e.g. warmth, decrease in skin tension) as well as overall (support of the metabolism, contributes to the absorption of swelling, favorably affects the muscle tone).

Massage has a complete calming or stimulating effect on body performance and affects the state of the central nervous system. It is used primarily as a therapeutic massage and for the treatment of illnesses. It is also very effective to prevent the occurrence of many, often serious, diseases of the spine and other organs of the body. It is very well suited for chronic pain conditions, helping to relieve painful spasms and blockages resulting from various injuries and overloading the organism.

A wide offer of classic massages, performed by professional masseurs can be found at the Carlsbad Clinic.

The Positive Effects of Classic Massages

Massage promotes the emptying of surface veins, lymphatic vessels, secretion of the sweat glands, normalization of skin tension, improves the blood circulation of the massaged area, absorbs swellings, relaxes or tonifies the muscles (according to the tactile focus), improves tissue nutrition and relieves pain. It improves circulation, delivers oxygen to body tissues, helping to break down waste materials, speeds up wound healing, and promotes recovery from disease. Blood circulation in relaxed muscles occurs. A lot of endorphins are being released to the brain, giving a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Physiological Regulating Medicine

Physiological regulating medicine (PRM) is an innovative medical industry presenting the modern integration of classical medicine with natural medicine, based on the latest findings in molecular biology, quantum physics and, above all, psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology.

Although at first glance it is a complex issue, understanding is very simple. Physiological regulating medicine is able to restore the physiological balance of the organism by means of its own body substances.

Our experienced physicians at the Carlsbad Clinic will, after expert consultation, recommend medication and vitamin supplements suitable for your body.

Concept of Body Restoration

Physiological regulating medicine is based on the concept of restoration of the original physiological state of the organism by the administration of substances containing, in addition to natural medicines (mineral, plant based and animal origin), also biological molecules called messenger molecules (neuropeptides, hormones, interleukins and growth factors), which control and regulate its physiological functions.

The therapeutic use of these messenger molecules at very low doses (marked low physiological doses) and their preparation by a specific technology called SKA (Sequential Kinetic Activation) is particularly innovative. Sequential kinetic activation increases the effectiveness of low doses of messenger molecules in the treatment of various diseases by exhibiting the same efficacy of these compounds as in the conventional dosing regimen, but administration is free of accompanying side effects.

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