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Treatments at the Carlsbad Clinic

The Carlsbad Clinic offers a wide range of medical treatments to help you improve your health and induce a mental balance.

We offer the unique full-body cryotherapy or classic massages, which are one of the pillars of traditional Czech spa care. Native masseuses from Thailand will help you get rid of fatigue and stress. Peat baths that have been known since ancient Greece and Rome. Or physiological regulatory medicine, representing the modern integration of classic and natural medicine. Whatever treatments you choose at the Carlsbad Clinic, you are always guaranteed the utmost professionalism and superior service.

Physiological Regulating Medicine

Physiological regulating medicine (PRM) is an innovative medical industry presenting the modern integration of classical medicine with natural medicine, based on the latest findings in molecular biology, quantum physics and, above all, psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology.

Although at first glance it is a complex issue, understanding is very simple. Physiological regulating medicine is able to restore the physiological balance of the organism by means of its own body substances.

Our experienced physicians at the Carlsbad Clinic will, after expert consultation, recommend medication and vitamin supplements suitable for your body.

Concept of Body Restoration

Physiological regulating medicine is based on the concept of restoration of the original physiological state of the organism by the administration of substances containing, in addition to natural medicines (mineral, plant based and animal origin), also biological molecules called messenger molecules (neuropeptides, hormones, interleukins and growth factors), which control and regulate its physiological functions.

The therapeutic use of these messenger molecules at very low doses (marked low physiological doses) and their preparation by a specific technology called SKA (Sequential Kinetic Activation) is particularly innovative. Sequential kinetic activation increases the effectiveness of low doses of messenger molecules in the treatment of various diseases by exhibiting the same efficacy of these compounds as in the conventional dosing regimen, but administration is free of accompanying side effects.

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